Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Dark Day

On Friday, 6th February, our lovely sheepdog Prince became very poorly. He suddenly went off his legs and deteriorated further over the weekend. He lost interest in food which used to constantly occupy his thoughts. Day and night, he needed our companionship and reassurance, until the sad decision was made to have him euthanized.

Monday, 9th February, dawned bright and crisp with beautiful frost patterns on the car, and a dusting of snow on the Currane hills. But our feelings were of a terrible sadness at our impending loss. Wrapped in a wool blanket, we loaded Prince in the back of the car to make the trip to the vets in Castlebar. I held him in my arms. The glorious scenery passed by with the same feeling as when you are going to a close relative's funeral.

Although sad, there was huge relief on our part when Prince passed away with us there, telling him he was a good dog and could go to sleep. We were heartbroken as he had been part of our family and daily lives for over twelve years - he had come to us as a puppy from a barn in Ashleam, the next village over from here, beside the Atlantic ocean..

He was the largest, distinctively marked, dog puppy, in a litter of six, with the most striking blue eyes. Being very intelligent, he understood a large vocabulary, as well as posessing an uncanny ability to detect people’s moods and intentions. He loved his “jobs” - rounding up ducks and hens, chasing sheep and cattle away from the gate, barking at ‘Ger the post’. But most of all he was a true friend and companion to us. He will be sorely missed.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Prince, may he rest in peace in the great kennel of his ancestors.