Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Clearing & More Horseradish

Winter is slowly (and I mean slowly) giving way to spring. The pussy willow is out at River Cottage and the first primrose flowers despite the almost nightly frosts.
We have had a bit of landscaping done to make way for three more raised vegetable beds, have enlarged the car park, and had the duck pond enlarged (the ducks are now happy - we had an egg today, the first this year!).
A few days ago we lifted our remaining beetroots and will lift our remaining carrots and parsnips in the next couple of days. So it's full speed ahead after a very hard winter and plenty of work to do between now and summer including painting River Cottage and Fuchsia chalet/Gallery.
This afternoon we were busy making a few more pots of organic horseradish sauce which certainly made for some amusing expressions on our faces and much dashing about because of the heat of it. Perfect! And our local sirloin steak is on offer at half price at the moment.
Tomorrow we shall plant our bed of onion sets. A March planting gets them off to a good early start which usually means they are ready for harvesting by early August. We are just using the last few of last year's crop.
Well, that's all for this blog entry. I'm off to test the horseradish properly on a nice juicy steak - medium rare - take care.


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