Thursday, January 22, 2009

Journey To freedom

We used to live in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, working as nurses in the National Health Service. By the early 1990s we had outgrown both the town we lived in and the places we worked. We wanted far more. A lifestyle change beckoned. Our dream was to live a better life - a more simple, yet, much richer life. A quiet life close to nature.
In 1995 we left our jobs and emigrated to the west coast of
. To Achill Island, Irelands largest island, with 5 blue flag beaches and a wild, unspoilt landscape of mountains, bogs and spectacular cliffs. We named our house River Cottage.

River Cottage.......

We first saw the cottage in November 1994 and moved in the following November 11th. What that move to Ireland, to the world famous Achill island with all its moods, its rugged, world famous, scenery, its winter storms, its bright coastal sunlight meant to us, is difficult to convey.


We began growing organic fruit and vegetables, made country wine, gradually made a garden out of the wet, rushy land we came to. Shortly, our own hens were free-ranging in the garden. We joined the local Country Market and began selling home-baking, eggs, and plants.
After a couple of years, we acquired a sheepdog puppy we named Prince; a border collie. Then two ducks. And more hens. Mark began to write poetry and study art, as well as pursuing his life long passion for photography. We went on painting weekends together, hung our oil
paintings on our walls.

We were living the dream!

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