Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi everyone and welcome to our blog.

Sitting in 1 ½ acres of garden, River Cottage has been our home since 1995. It faces across the sparkling waters of Achill Sound to the mainland hills and is situated among the rugged and beautiful scenery of Achill island.

Beside us flows the River Shraheens, and there is a large variety of bird and animal life in the area. Foxes abound, and even otters and lizards are no strangers to us. In mid-April the swallows arrive back, and the cuckoo starts calling from the chimneys in May.

In our first and second summers here we thrilled to be woken from our sleep by the churring of nightjars. Courting Peregreine falcons talon-grappled in the deep blue skies overhead – the sparrowhawk, snipe, and woodcock became our companions.

We emigrated here to the west coast of Ireland almost fourteen years ago. Since then, when not just standing and staring with children’s eyes, we have tried many things new to us. We busy ourselves with writing, painting, tending the garden, and managing our pets – currently 2 ducks, 1 sheepdog, 3 hens, 2 cats, and 3 goldfish

Through this blog you can read about our lives here at River Cottage

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