Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Eileen and I were out taking the air on the Atlantic drive here on Achill island last evening. We are fortunate to have some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe on our doorstep. The deep blue of the Atlantic ocean stretched away to the horizon, only interrupted by islands now and again; close by, Achillbeg island and Clare island, further out, Inishturk. Fulmars wheeled about the cliffs beside us, and the ringing calls of choughs were clearly audible. Lambs were crying, wheatears were flitting from boulder to boulder, and meadow pipits were performing their lovely 'parachuting' song. Our inner wells were filled again.
In addition, Eileen had a great time at The Achill Country Market for whom she is Public Relations Officer. The advertising poster she had designed and we had posted up all over the island seemed to have paid off. There was plenty of custom and plenty of goods on offer. All our baking and hen and duck eggs sold. See
Today, I shall be planting more potatoes and Eileen is keen to get her leeks and beans sown.
A marran hen we thought had stopped laying for good has started laying again. Sometimes there are these nice, unexpected surprises; marran eggs are very deep brown and the white and deep yellow yolks shine out in perfect contrast. I'm off to have breakfast.
Have a lovely Easter!

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