Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Willow warblers, carrot sowings, and straw bedding

Hi everyone, busy up the hillside at the back of us collecting dead grass for straw for duck and hen bedding. This is the last chance to collect and store, as after this the new growth takes over.
Sowed five rows of carrots as the weather was fine and sunny.
Mark has been busy digging fence-post holes ready to re-fence some of the boundary at the front of our land which was taken down for machine access when we were building Fuchsia chalet. We have approximately an acre and a half of land here at the cottage, as well as an acre by the shore, and a one-acre bog to cut turf from for fuel.
We heard the first willow warbler back from south Africa, singing their sweet sad tune from our neighbour's just leafing alder trees beside us this afternoon. The skylark's were busy with their own singing, high up like dots in the blue.
Have a wonderful week.

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