Saturday, May 30, 2009

Painted Ladies & baby Goldfinches

Growth is well under way now that the warm humid Summer weather has truly arrived. Some of the birds seem to have hatched and fledged clutches earlier than other years so we are hoping it may be a two or even three clutch year for some species.
In particular, jus now, we are over-run in the nicest possible way with small flocks, a 'charm', of fledgling Goldfinches, their high pitched jingles and bright yellow wing-bars instantly identifiable. They are drawn to our feeders.
We saw a Painted Lady butterfly on daisy flowers yesterday and that is, indeed, early for that species with us. There are plenty of Orange Tip butterflies about.
I thought I might leave you with a view of Achillbeg island, the next island to us, between ourselves and Clare island, though both are much smaller that Achill which is Ireland's largest island.
Enjoy the good weather.

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