Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain and Painting

It has been wet at times here this past week. And misty. The river is swollen and thundering past the cottage. It has only a short journey of half a mile or less from us to the sea - Achill Sound, in fact.
Prevented from working outdoors on a couple of days, Eileen has been able to dedicate more time to painting her flower canvases in our studio/chalet. This week she has made rapid progress with them.
The rain has caused a surge of growth in the garden. This, unfortunately has proved most beneficial to weeds, and as one of our weeds (gunnera manicata) loves water, our mild climate, and is one of the largest perrenial plants known to man (some leaves reaching 8 feet across), this is not good. Vigilance is called for.
However, the rain has also been beneficial to our vegetables and ornamental plants/shrubs. So, we are grateful to the rain. The soil here, being light and sandy/peaty, rapidly dries out in a few days if we have no rain.
Our friend the sedge warbler has arrived back and is singing in the scrubby/brambly/willowy areas around us. The gorse continues to flower (see photo above fm. yesterday afternoon), and the wild rhododendron ponticum is now making a show with its lilac and purple blooms.

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