Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn Update

We have had a bumper crop of beetroot. A new striped variety, 'Choggia', has done particularly well and has a lovely sweet taste with lots of natural sugars, even without the aid of frost. Next year we plan to grow a gold variety too.
Soon, we shall be constructing more raised beds, and getting ready to re-instate our fruit garden near 'Fuchsia Chalet'. We shall plant blackcurrant, gooseberry, rhubarb and some baking apple cordons in February.
We have plenty of wild blackberries here and have been enjoying blackberry and apple pie and ice-cream.
To our dismay our usual place of supply of sloes for our 'River Cottage Sloe Gin' which we enoy as an aperitif at dinner parties, is unavailable this year. All the blackthorn hedges were cut between flowering and berrying. We shall have to start outr own hedge at this rate. Oh well, anyone for a G and T?
Of course, now is cutting season for shrubs and trees so we shall be busy with that over the coming weeks so that our supply is rooted and ready to be potted up for growing on next spring.
Have a lovely Autumn.

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