Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Homemade Horseradish Sauce!

The other day, having plucked up sufficient courage, we decided to dig up our horseradish plant and make some sauce to go with steak and beef.
For us, this tends to be a two-yearly operation as it takes that long for the horseradish plants to clump up and form good, potent (for potent read hot) roots. It is the roots we are interested in and which the sauce is made from. I said 'courage' was needed earlier as making horseradish sauce involves grating the roots which give off vapours that have a similar effect to peeling strong onions - but horseradish also burns.
Once the long pliable white roots have been grated, they are mixed with créme fraiche and balsamic vinegar (a spoon or two of mustard if you are a real sadist/masochist). Then they are thoroughly blended before being potted in previously sterilised small jars. We managed six 4oz jars from one plant.
The bought stuff can't hold a candle to this organic, ultra-fresh, hot hot hot home-made variety. It doesn't keep for long as there are no preservatives, of course. But who wants to keep it long? We can barely keep our hands off it. Fridge it, and over the next couple of months enjoy sirloin steak and roast beef like it is going out of fashion, all washed down with a big fruity red wine. Heaven! Now then, how do you like your steak?

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